Car window tint maximizes your cool factor in more ways than one. Window tint blocks heat, reduces glare, and helps reduce interior fading. Window tinting creates a look that allows you to rev up the style. Stay connected with our non-metalized window film options, stay protected with SPF factors up to 1,000. Put the innovation of 3M window tinting to work for you.

3M Window Films add style, comfort, and protection. Discover the 3m difference

Check out how the different film looks on this Automotive Window Film Simulator.

Top of the line Inc. is the first certified installer of 3M Automotive film in the Northern New Jersey area.

Metal free window film that won’t interfere w/cell phone, GPS, satellite radio or AM reception.

Backed by limited lifetime warranty

Keeps passengers and valuables cool.

Scratch Resistant.

Automotive Window Films

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Note: All automotive tint work performed at our facility MUST be dropped off for their services. Strict order from our Insurance as to limit the liabilities in the work area.

Before applying any window tinting films to your vehicle, you should know that laws can be different from state to state and province to province. Look for the laws and regulations from your state, you can find that information at your local police department. Be sure to follow all applicable standards.

Arrive in style.

Window tinting gives you the look you want and the protection you need. 
Stay cool in car tinted with 3M Auto Film Crystalline Series

Like selecting the perfect pair of sunglasses, you can choose a 3M™ Automotive Window Film that expresses your unique style and matches the character of your car. Choose from sheer tints for a brighter interior or reflective, metallized films for privacy.

  • Help protect the contents of your car from prying eyes
  • Choose the style that suits you and your vehicle
  • Enjoy exceptional heat rejection — a must in hot, sunny climates