How Much Energy Can My Business Save With Commercial Window Tint?

How Much Energy Can My Business Save With Commercial Window Tint?

Every business wants to save their energy and become more environmentally friendly and efficient. But many have often found that the ways of doing so are either too expensive or don’t work all that well for their businesses.

One way to make a big difference, however, is by adding window tints to your business or office spaces. Windows that have window films applied utilize much less energy than plain windows as they can efficiently block out quite a bit of the sun’s rays that may pass into your commercial building. This property of commercial window tints results in your business using much less energy. Also, today’s market offers the best business window tinting prices and office window tinting prices so businesses can save on additional costs and save the environment at the same time!

Window tints can also help reduce your HVAC demand and boost your cooling performance. Having window tints in place of conventional windows can also help with providing better natural lighting. However, this depends on how dark you want your window tint to be, as lighter tints allow more light to enter your business premises than darker ones.

Windows tints are a much better measure of keeping one’s business flush and running, and they are surely better and more practical than still using traditional windows with drapes or curtains. Having window film installed in your building, office, or store will make it look better and help you save energy and money at the same time.

Also, office glass tinting has become a whole lot cheaper and is abundantly being used by all types of businesses and offices and not just the big corporations. This means all-around energy and cost savings for everyone! Today, even small businesses and stores along the streets are going for storefront window tinting because of the many benefits it provides.

If these types of benefits sound good to you — and there are many others — then it would be a good idea for you to look into window film for your business.

Here’s How the Best Commercial Window Tint Can Help You Save Energy

  • Some window tint films can help reduce the energy lost through your windows by almost 30%
  • The best commercial window tint can block out up to 80% of the sun’s energy
  • Your utility bills can fall by up to 10% or more
  • In a small building with single-pane windows, you can save almost $10,000 annually

Window Film Installation

Although commercial tinting or office window tinting can be a rather simple process, businesses are still advised to conduct some research. When installing commercial window film, it’s also important to look into the company you are hiring so you can ask questions about their best commercial window tint films, their installation process, and check their website for reviews.

A good way to find a reliable company to install your commercial window tint is to check with other associates and businesses who have already had them installed. If you have never had commercial window tints installed before, then you should be extra careful and make sure the whole process is conducted smoothly. One question to ask your commercial window tinting installers are their business window tinting prices or office window tinting prices. This will give you a sharper idea of the direction you need to take.

The Installation Process

  • The first thing to do is measure all of the windows in your business space or office so you can add commercial window tints that properly fit. Office glass tinting becomes easier and more effective when it is measured well and the tints can cover every inch of glass within your business.
  • Once measured, you need to decide the type of shade (darker or lighter) you want for your windows. You can check with your commercial window tint company’s catalog to get a better idea of what would suit your business best.
  • After finding the best shades for your windows, you need to choose a color for the window film tints. Most companies offer a variety of colors to choose from, however, you can also opt for films that match your walls and interiors.

Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting for Your Business

Commercial window tint films can actually be a great investment for businesses looking to save money on their energy bills and their operating costs. Some benefits of using commercial window tint films for your business are:

1) Energy Savings

The first and most obvious reason why you would want to use window tinting is that it saves energy. Window tinting is often used for commercial businesses where the high number of windows makes it difficult to control the temperature inside the building or premises. Commercial window tinting can be used to help keep costs down to a minimum on expenses like air conditioning and heating.

The sun heats buildings, which makes businesses spend a whole lot more on keeping their insides cool with air conditioning. With commercial window tinting, it is much easier to keep things cooler inside you with nor business with office building window tinting with no extra requirements. Window tint film ensures that less sun enters your building while also preventing too much heat from escaping it. This naturally means that you would be spending a lot less on the air conditioning or heating costs.

You are advised to check for the best types of commercial window tints that are best for energy savings before making your final decision.

2) Privacy

Commercial window tints make it much more difficult for outsiders to look into your structure. If you’re looking for more privacy, window tinting is certainly the way to go. Commercial window tinting can help keep people from peeping into your building or office which can be very beneficial to businesses that deal with private information and matters.

3) Security

Commercial window film is often used by businesses that want to deter burglars and others from looking into their premises. Commercial window tinting can help keep intruders out of your business. Many businesses choose to install office building window tinting on their entrance doors and their windows so that no one can look in and see what their employees are doing or when nobody is in the building.

If you have a public facing store in areas that are prone to robberies, you should definitely start looking into storefront window tinting today! A storefront window film can protect your business, keep the temperature within stabilized, and add to the look of your store!

4) Safety

Commercial window tints can boost the overall safety of your office or business premises. For example, it is much easier for emergency personnel to spot your building if the windows are tinted darkly. This can help to save many lives in a fire or any other type of emergency. Thus, for added safety, you are recommended to find the best commercial window film installers in the business.

A good quality 3M commercial window tint or 3M commercial window film created, supplied, and fixed by the best commercial window film installers can help you receive all of the above benefits with a lot of ease!

The Bottom Line

Window tinting is an excellent way to protect the interior of your office, keep the building cooler, and make the building look more attractive at a much lesser cost as compared to buying new windows for the building. But it is also important for business owners to know how window tinting works and which window film options are best for their building or office space.

While there are many different types of window films, each of them has a slightly different impact on your energy bill, HVAC costs, and the look and feel of your office or business space. A good quality 3M commercial window tint or 3M commercial window film can help you achieve several of these benefits with much less cost and effort than most other types of commercial window tints.

If you live in the New Jersey area and want to know more about the best commercial window tinting, office window tinting company, or commercial window film installers, contact Top Of The Line Tint (TOTL) today! We have been in the window tinting industry for 25 years (since 1995) and are the first company to become 3M certified on the East Coast.

With us, you can get various types of commercial window tints that will help you boost your business in the long run. We are always happy and ready to advise you on the best and most suitable window tints for your business space, office, or store!


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